Humanitarian Catastrophe in Gaza


2005 Annual Report

This report provides an overview of Project HOPE’s impact in 2005 and the incredible accomplishments of our teams around the world.

The past year will be long remembered for having witnessed one of the greatest natural disasters in human history. For Project HOPE, however, the December 2004 tsunami became a story of unprecedented courage, commitment and compassion that proved more than equal to the adversity. It is an episode of unparalleled tragedy that became—through the efforts and support of many—an inspirational story of HOPE.

Compelling as it is, the tsunami’s survivors and heroes represent just one aspect of a global story of HOPE. From the 12-year-old Indonesian boy who was rescued and saved by Project HOPE medical volunteers, to the Iraqi physician with an inspiring commitment to improve medical care for the children of his country, to the peer educator in Namibia who has learned and is now teaching HIV/AIDS prevention behaviors to others in her small community, these personal stories help to put a human face on our work…and demonstrate why we do what we do.

At Project HOPE, we recommit ourselves every year to positive and lasting change: to saving the lives of those in peril, improving the health of families and communities in need, and providing people with the tools they need to become long-term guardians of their own health. Our enduring commitment, in a phrase, is one of “HOPE for the Future.”

We are proud of the accomplishments of our staff and volunteers around the world, but we know that everything is made possible by the compassion and caring of those who have generously supported our work for 47 years. And we are proud, as well, to be able to report that Project HOPE once again has successfully dedicated more than 90 percent of its contributions directly to its programs in the field—a sign of our continuing commitment to excellence and efficiency.

On behalf of those we serve, we thank you—our donors, volunteers and staff worldwide who, year after year, help Project HOPE improve health around the world. It is your support that creates HOPE for the Future.

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