Humanitarian Catastrophe in Gaza


Famine in Gaza is “Imminent”

Today, the Integrated Food Security Phase Classification (IPC) released a troubling acute food security analysis warning that famine is “imminent” in Gaza’s northern governorates, noting that the number of people experiencing “catastrophic” hunger across Gaza has doubled since December. Famine could be declared between now and this May.  

Rabih Torbay, CEO and President of Project HOPE, said:
“The IPC report today reiterates what we already know – starvation is being used as a weapon in war and civilians will continue to die from hunger in Gaza unless there is an immediate intervention. Once a famine is declared, it is already too late for communities on the brink of death. The world cannot sit idly while over one million people face starvation. Project HOPE’s primary health clinic in Deir al Balah continues to see an increase in malnutrition cases among children and pregnant women, especially people fleeing the north. Before the war, less than one percent of children in Gaza were malnourished. Now, one in three children under two in the north are acutely malnourished. This inhumane situation is completely preventable.

The Israeli government must immediately allow aid organizations and the United Nations to safely deliver adequate food and nutritional assistance to people across Gaza, especially in the north which has been entirely cut off from basic services for months. While we welcome attempts to deliver food via maritime routes, the current flow of aid into Gaza is insufficient. There is no shortage of therapeutic food waiting to enter Gaza. Truck shipments need to be allowed in and civilians accessing lifesaving aid must be protected. The international community, particularly the United States, must yield its full influence to demand an immediate and permanent ceasefire and significantly scale up aid shipments.”

Project HOPE is actively supporting Palestinian communities affected by the conflict. This includes operating primary health clinics in Deir al Balah and Rafah where health workers test for malnutrition and provide nutritional assistance and referrals.  

For Media Inquiries: media@projecthope.org   

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