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Haiti: Health Needs Across the Country Are Becoming Increasingly Urgent

The people of Haiti continue to grapple with a complex humanitarian emergency caused by ongoing gang violence, political and economic turmoil, deepening food insecurity, and limited access to health care. Kidnappings and violence in Port-au-Prince are occurring unpredictably, causing widespread distress and fear. Based on the latest IOM reports, more than 362,000 people have been displaced from North and West and are now in Grand Sud.

Health needs across Haiti are becoming increasingly urgent. Armed groups have raided two health care institutions and looted at least 10 pharmacies in recent weeks. Only one public hospital remains open in the capital and privately-run clinics are closing rapidly. A lack of access to health services and medicine is exacerbating the humanitarian crisis, particularly for pregnant women and older adults. Nearly 95,000 people have fled the capital to southern Haiti 8th March to 9th April 2024, however the region lacks the capacity and resources to manage the massive influx of internally displaced people (IDPs).

“The continued violence in Port-au-Prince, is having a direct impact on the Haitian people. Blocked roads, access routes, and ports have made it impossible for food, fuel, and basic supplies to reach the rest of the country,” said Dr. Didinu Tamakloe, Project HOPE’s Country Director for Haiti. “Chronic poverty has been a lifelong reality for many people here and this current crisis is intensifying the health needs of the population as the threat of famine continues to grow. Our team based in southwest Haiti is working to meet the demands of displaced people fleeing the violence in Port-au-Prince, but if the situation continues then we are at risk of running out of pharmaceuticals and supplies to address the urgent health needs.”

Project HOPE is supporting primary health care facilities and has also deployed mobile clinics in the Sud, Nippes, and Grand’Anse departments to meet increasing demand for services. These reach vulnerable communities living far from areas with functional health facilities to provide free health care, hygiene promotion activities, and protection services. The team works closely with community leaders to organize and promote the clinics, which often are set up in schools, churches, or old health facilities.

Project HOPE has provided nearly 13,000 people with primary health care services through health facilities, mobile medical units, and community-level activities. This includes mental health support, gender-based violence awareness activities, and hygiene and dignity kit distributions. Project HOPE remains committed to providing essential health care services and emergency humanitarian assistance in Haiti as displacement and the needs of the community continue to grow.  


Project HOPE has team members in Haiti available for interviews. 

For media inquiries, contact media@projecthope.org

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