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Joint News Alert: Conflict in Sudan Pushes Health System to its Breaking Point

As violence enters its tenth month, Sudan’s health care system has reached its breaking point. 

As violence enters its tenth month, Sudan’s health care system has reached its breaking point. Over 7.4 million Sudanese people have been forced to flee their homes due to violence and over 13,000 people have died. An estimated 70% of all health facilities in conflict-affected areas are not functioning or only partially functional. The remaining hospitals and health facilities are under resourced and overwhelmed with patients seeking care for gunshot wounds, infectious diseases, and pregnancy complications, and in dire need of lifesaving medicine to survive. Over 11 million people need urgent health assistance, yet aid has been slow to arrive.      

The Sudanese American Physicians Association (SAPA) with support from Project HOPEAirlink and key partners, including MAP InternationalFlexport.orgAstral Aviation, and Qatar Airways Cargo, have successfully distributed $13 million worth of medical supplies, pharmaceuticals, hygiene supplies, and therapeutic food to Sudan. Project HOPE has additional syringes and Essential Health Packs, each pack will provide basic primary care to 1,000 people, en route to Port Sudan which will be distributed by SAPA’s team. 

Yasir Elamin, President of SAPA, said: 
“As a Sudanese citizen, I stand witness to a heart-wrenching crisis unfolding in Sudan. The relentless conflict has crippled our health system, leaving millions of our people in a state of despair. Our efforts, in collaboration with Project HOPE, Airlink, and other partners, have led to the distribution of vital medical supplies and support to those in desperate need. Yet, the scale of this tragedy outpaces our resources.    

The health facilities are inundated with victims of violence and disease, facing a catastrophic shortage of medical supplies and personnel. It is not just a call for aid; it is a plea for humanity. The international community must not turn a blind eye to this crisis. We need immediate and substantial support to save lives and rebuild a health system on the verge of collapse. Our people are suffering, and every moment of delay costs precious lives. It’s time for the world to act, and act decisively.” 

Rabih Torbay, President & CEO of Project HOPE, said:  
“In 2004, I witnessed the horrors of the Darfur Genocide firsthand as an aid worker, where an estimated 200,000 lives were lost, and the world stood idly. Then, the international community vowed to never let a tragedy of that magnitude happen again on our watch. Unfortunately, history is repeating itself.  

As Sudan fades from the headlines, its people are trapped in an unending nightmare, and the world remains silent. The health system is under constant attack, with over 60 incidents targeting health facilities since April 2023. Health workers have gone unpaid for over eight months.  

It is imperative for the international community renew its support for the people of Sudan, advocating for a peace deal and a substantial increase in humanitarian aid. Without decisive action, more and more people will continue to die.” 

Project HOPE and SAPA team members are available for interviews. 

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