Humanitarian Catastrophe in Gaza


Project HOPE Calls for Global Humanitarian Aid in Supplemental Funding

Project HOPE urges Congress to urgently provide the additional $10 billion in supplemental funding for global humanitarian assistance, including to Ukraine, Gaza, and the West Bank.

Washington, DC (February 8, 2024) – Project HOPE – the global health and humanitarian organization – urges Congress to urgently approve the National Security Supplemental which includes more than $10 billion in humanitarian assistance for Ukraine and Gaza and for communities caught in crisis and conflict zones around the globe.  

Humanitarian needs are at the highest since World War II. The ongoing war in Ukraine and the humanitarian crisis in Gaza continues to place innocent civilians at immense risk, while limiting access to food, clean water, shelter, and medical care. Improving health facilities, providing medical supplies, and protecting and training frontline health workers to help serve those at greatest risk is only possible with a steady source of U.S. funding.  

“In conflict zones from Sudan and Haiti to Ukraine, health facilities are damaged or destroyed, and health care workers are poorly equipped, overwhelmed by demand, and operating at minimal functionality,” said Rabih Torbay, President & CEO of Project HOPE. “These supplemental funds will save countless lives and foster increased global security and stability.”  

“The U.S. and the American people lead the world in working to assist civilians caught in war, conflict, or disasters. Now is not the time to exacerbate the unfathomably terrible conditions for the millions of people in crisis,” said Jed Meline, Director of Policy and Advocacy at Project HOPE. “Approving additional assistance will ensure continued U.S. leadership, reduce the deep suffering, and enhance stability which, in turn, protects national security interests at home.” 

Project HOPE is actively responding to health and humanitarian crises in Gaza, Israel, Ukraine, Haiti, Sudan, Ethiopia, and elsewhere. We urge Congress to urgently approve supplemental funding to ensure that there are sufficient resources to assist people in crisis and to reinforce U.S. national security goals. 

Interviews are available upon request via media@projecthope.org.  

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