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Project HOPE Staff Impacted by Artillery Attack in Kherson

Washington, DC (13 November 2023) – A Russian artillery attack in Kherson this afternoon hit the regional hospital where Project HOPE staff were meeting. Fortunately, Project HOPE’s staff were able to safely reach a shelter, and no one was injured. The team’s car sustained minimal damage and one of the shells hit and damaged a residential building located 100 meters from the Project HOPE office. Project HOPE has been actively working in Kherson since its liberation a year ago and was among the first responders providing humanitarian aid to the local population.  

After the attack concluded, the team returned to their vehicle, which sustained scratches and dents, while other vehicles on the hospital premises were completely burned and devastated. According to the Kherson administration, the attacks killed three people and injured 12, including a 2-month-old baby. Additionally, state institution buildings, the hospital, and more than 15 houses were damaged, and eight cars were completely destroyed.   

Natalja Iscenko, Project HOPE’s Liaison Officer, said:  

“As soon as we heard the first explosion, we realized we had to run. While proceeding to the shelter, there was another significant explosion closer to the hospital, so we had to jump in. While inside, we counted more than 10 explosions, and the walls were shaking. When we got outside and saw the damage and heard of casualties, we realized just how lucky we were. If timing had been different, this could have been us.”  

Since the de-occupation of Kherson one year ago, the city has been consistently under shelling due to its proximity to the frontline. Despite this, Project HOPE continues to support the region by distributing essential medicines, drinking water, and supplies; operating mobile medical units; and supporting health workers.  


Project HOPE has been working in Ukraine since the Russian invasion in February 2022, supporting health clinics with supplies and medicines, reconstructing medical facilities, training health workers, and providing mental health support to those impacted by the war. Additionally, Project HOPE has been supporting Ukrainian refugees in Poland and Moldova with primary and mental health support.  

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