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HOPE in Action: Top 5 Photos of 2018

The lifesaving impact we make all around the world is evident and visible in so many ways. Take a look at these exemplary photos that depict the HOPE that you have helped us deliver in 2018.

Thanks to our supporters, Project HOPE helped provide lifesaving healthcare to more than a million vulnerable people across the globe in 2018. We responded to humanitarian crises and provided lifesaving training and healthcare to vulnerable communities. And together, we transformed the lives of the children, adults and families when they needed us the most. We hope you’ll be inspired by these five photos that help show our shared impact last year.

Fighting Diseases … and Finding New Friends

Wouldn’t you smile if your healthcare worker had helped save your life? In Ethiopia and beyond, our teams connect people like Adunga with the testing, diagnosis and treatment they need to live longer, healthier lives – and to be around to see their children grow up.

Adunga smiles next to the healthcare worker who saved his life.
Community healthworker Selamawit (left) helped Adunga and his family get the diagnoses and treatment they need to overcome life-threatening illnesses, and now they’re friends for life. Photo by James Buck for Project HOPE, 2018

Across the world in 2018, we screened more than 500,000 people for tuberculosis, HIV, diabetes, hypertension and other diseases, and helped those affected start treatment and counseling. You helped make more tomorrows possible for Adunga, who now has the medicine and support he needs to stay healthy and happy. And you were there for so many more mothers, fathers, children and others like him.

Empowering Healthcare Workers

The Dominican Republic has the second highest neonatal mortality rate in the Americas. But with your help, healthcare workers are receiving the training and tools to reverse this trend, in the Dominican Republic, Sierra Leone and beyond.

Nurses train in the Dominican Republic
In the Dominican Republic, even in hospitals with the equipment needed to care for pregnant women and newborns, there is still a shortage of trained staff members. Project HOPE is helping to change that with training courses that prepare healthcare workers to save more lives. Photo by Misty Higgins for Project HOPE, 2018

In 2018, we equipped over 120,000 healthcare workers with the knowledge and equipment they need. When minutes and knowledge count most, you made an investment that will pay off in years to come, with more lives saved … and more happy, healthy babies.

Saving Mothers’ and Newborns’ Lives

The migration of over a million Venezuelan refugees to neighboring Colombia has created a health crisis in the country. Among the most vulnerable are expectant mothers and newborns. But thanks to you, mothers and infants in Colombia and around the globe are receiving the care they need to thrive.

Nurses carry a baby at a hospital in Colombia
In Colombia, the influx of Venezuelans has overwhelmed healthcare systems. Many of the migrants have emergency health needs due to lack of long-term care and the hardships of being displaced from their homes. Project HOPE is helping ensure that vulnerable people can get the medical care they need. Photo by Charlie Cordero for Project HOPE, 2018

In 2018, Project HOPE and supporters like you saved the lives of more than 11,000 newborns. You helped provide vital supplies and equipment and ensured that trained health workers were available during the critical first 28 days after delivery.

Providing Medicine and Medical Supplies

Around the world, you helped Project HOPE provide lifesaving medical supplies and medicines in underserved communities. In West Africa, for example, we make sure people with HIV get access to the antiretroviral drugs they need to stay alive and healthy — so they can be there for their children and their families for many years to come.

Volunteers organize medical supplies in Guatemala
Whether we’re responding to natural disasters or working on long-term programs, we partner with communities and ministries of health to identify unmet needs for medications and supplies. Photo by Jon Brack for Project HOPE, 2018

Across the globe in 2018, we secured and distributed $30 million in medical supplies, pharmaceuticals and medicines from partners when shortages impacted vulnerable populations.

Responding to Crises and Natural Disasters

In 2018, we provided critical relief to thousands of people affected by humanitarian crises and natural disasters. The eruption of the Fuego volcano in Guatemala. The earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia. The displacement of Venezuelans into neighboring Colombia. Puerto Rico’s continuing recovery from Hurricane Maria. When people were suffering, thanks to you, we were there to help.

group of people getting medical care
After deadly earthquakes and a tsunami struck Indonesia in September 2018, Project HOPE team members and volunteers worked quickly to begin providing medical care to affected communities. Photo by Ronny Adolof Buol for Project HOPE, 2018

Thanks to you, we’re able to support vulnerable communities during their greatest time of need — and help them rebuild their lives and be better prepared to face future emergencies.

You helped make our lifesaving work possible in 2018.

You’re a critical part of our work to save lives and empower communities. 2019 will bring new challenges, but with you by our side, we’ll continue to save lives, together.

On behalf of all of us at Project HOPE and the people we serve, thank you.

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