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Project HOPE Renews Calls for Ceasefire in Gaza

Project HOPE continues calling for an immediate ceasefire, increased humanitarian access to Gaza, and the release of all hostages. 

Following Secretary-General António Guterres invoking Article 99 and urging the United Nations Security Council to leverage its full power to prevent a worsening humanitarian tragedy in Gaza, Project HOPE is reiterating its plea for an immediate ceasefire, increased humanitarian access to Gaza, and the release of all hostages. 

Rabih Torbay, CEO and President of Project HOPE, said:  

“The severity of the nightmare unfolding in Gaza every day is indescribable. A colleague in Gaza likened it to ‘hell.’ Nowhere is safe. People are being killed while sleeping in their own homes, the majority of whom are women and children. People are hungry. There is no food or cooking oil for people to feed their families. There is no electricity. There is no adequate shelter to protect people from rain and cold. The health system is on the verge of collapsing. Individuals resort to climbing buildings just to send a message. Constant displacement has led to areas being severely overcrowded, a breeding ground for disease outbreaks. 

What’s happening right now is inhumane. Entire generations of Palestinians are being wiped out and there is no end in sight for suffering and death. The United Nations Security Council newly charged by the Secretary General must act and lead the international community in helping establish a ceasefire that protects civilians and enables an adequate flow of humanitarian assistance inside Gaza.  Otherwise, Palestinians will continue to lose hope of living – even another day.” 

Project HOPE is providing assistance to Palestinian and Israeli communities affected by the conflict. For Gaza, Project HOPE has medical personnel and social workers in Rafah and Deir al Balah identifying the most urgent medical needs and establishing medical clinics to provide health care to civilians. Project HOPE has also provided family hygiene kits to our partner ANERA and has medical supplies, blankets, and mattresses prepositioned to enter Gaza. 

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