Humanitarian Catastrophe in Gaza



Providing support through local partners in response to the country’s widespread humanitarian crisis

The Context

Sudan has experienced recent cycles of conflict that have strained its health systems, including the War in Darfur (2003–20), which led to widespread displacement, disease, and hunger. Sudan is facing another humanitarian emergency as a result of civil conflict that broke out in 2023.  

Even before the most recent conflict Sudan was home to a dire humanitarian situation. The country reports the highest rate of child malnutrition globally and its health system suffers from a lack of skilled health workers and inconsistent healthcare access in rural areas, which has contributed to high child and maternal mortality rates and an increased number of deaths from infectious disease outbreaks. The current crisis has only exacerbated these challenges.

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attacks on health care have been reported by the World Health Organization

Approximately 70% of hospitals in conflict-affected states are nonfunctional. Al-Nau Hospital, where Project HOPE has delivered pharmaceuticals and medical supplies, is Omdurman’s only operative hospital.

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suspected cases of cholera have been reported as of February 2024

Other diseases such as malaria, measles, dengue, and acute watery diarrhea, which were under control before the conflict, have dramatically increased across the country.

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million women and girls are at increased risk for gender-based violence

The United Nations reports that at the end of 2023, at least 118 people had been subjected to sexual violence, among them 19 children.

Our Impact

Delivering Vital Supplies 

Project HOPE and key partners – including the Sudanese American Physicians Association – have coordinated the delivery of $13 million (24,000 pounds) worth of medical supplies, pharmaceuticals, hygiene supplies, and therapeutic food to health facilities in Sudan. The shipment supported more than 100,000 people, assisting communities grappling with under resourced health facilities, food shortages, and cholera and dengue outbreaks. We are continuing to coordinate the delivery of additional supplies, including nine Essential Health Packs (EHPs) full of essential medicines to support over 2,400 treatments. 

Supporting IDPs and Refugees 

In 2023, Project HOPE provided support for Nada Elazhar for Disaster Prevention and Sustainable Development (NADA), a local organization supporting refugees, internally displaced people (IDPs), and host communities. This support included comprehensive case management, counseling, medications, and referral services to higher-level care, in addition to a hotline and telehealth psychosocial support services for survivors of sexual and gender-based violence. 

Sudan Crisis: How to Help

Sudan’s health system is on the verge of collapse as violent conflict continues. Learn more about what’s happening and what Project HOPE is doing to help.

Our History in Sudan

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Project HOPE facilitated online trainings for more than 1,200 health workers and 14,000 community members in Sudan on mental health and COVID-19 response. 

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