Inhumane Attacks on Displaced Families in Gaza


Report | Multi-Agency Rapid Needs Assessment for IDPs in Enderta Woreda and Mekelle City Administration of Tigray Region

According to OCHA April 03, 2023, situational report, the humanitarian response in Ethiopia further requires scale-up considering the needs highlighted in the 2023 Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP) to respond to the different humanitarian crises the people in Ethiopia are enduring. As the Northern Ethiopian region has become more accessible following the signing of the Cessation of Hostilities Agreement (COHA) in November 2022, relief beneficiaries in Tigray, Amhara and Afar continue to receive assistance, although not at the required scale. Ongoing response include delivery of health supplies to last‐mile locations (health facilities), including the dispatch of 899MT of medical supplies across the three northern regions between January and 24 March 2023.

In Tigray, an IDP Return Plan for 2023, has been agreed upon to ensure dignified, voluntary returns and community reconciliation (Durable Solutions Working Group). A first assisted return movement have been started from Mekelle in end week of April.

The humanitarian response needs remain significantly high in Tigray, for instance, in the NorthWestern Zone of Tigray, more than 1.8 million people or 40 percent of IDPs and the host community are reported to be severely affected by food shortage. Separately, rainfall in mid‐March triggered the emergence of tree locust in two kebeles, namely in Dedebit and Sela Tabiyas, Asgede Woreda of North‐Western Zone. As per UNICEF’s update for February 2023, approximately 4.6 million people remain in need of aid, over 80 per cent of schools and health facilities remain non‐functional due to damage, and 89 per cent of households are classified as food insecure.

Data from Mekelle City Administration (MCA) Office of Social and Labor Affairs (MOLSA) indicates that 54,423 HHs with 234,400 internally displaced persons were found in various sub cities of Mekelle town. Out of the 54,423 HHs, 24,397 (44.8%) were female‐headed while, 1,139 (2.1%) were child‐headed households. Furthermore, in Enderta Woreda, there are 7,737 IPD HHs (18,693 persons) out of which 159 (2.1%) HHs are child‐headed, 4066 (52%) are female‐headed and 1502 (8%) are disabled persons found.

Project HOPE in consultation with the Mekelle Office of Labor and Social Affairs (MOLSA), Mekelle City Administration, Regional Health Bureau (RHB), international and national humanitarian  organizations of the region has organized and conducted this multisectoral rapid need assessment (MSNA) in Enderta Woreda and Mekelle City Administration (MCA) of the region in the first three weeks of April 2023.

The assessment has covered 11 Internally Displaced Person (IDP) sites as well as IDPs in host community in Mekelle City Administration (MCA) and in Enderta Woreda. All the areas covered by the assessment were accessible and safe for humanitarian interventions. The areas covered by the assessment hosted about 90 per cent of the total IDPs in Enderta and Mekelle. These IDPs are in dire need of integrated humanitarian and recovery assistance in the sectors of Livelihoods and Food Security, Shelter & NFIs, Protection, Health, Nutrition, Education and WASH. As per the assessment, the emergency response made to the IDPs in Enderta Woreda and Mekelle City Administration (MCA) by the Government and humanitarian actors were minimal.

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