Inhumane Attacks on Displaced Families in Gaza


Gaza: Ceasefire Agreement Urgently Needed to Save Lives  

A statement from Project HOPE’s President and CEO, Rabih Torbay, on the latest rounds of ceasefire deliberations between Israel and Hamas:  

As ceasefire deliberations continue between Israel and Hamas, we ask all parties to accept the proposal to preserve civilian lives and allow for unhindered humanitarian access into Gaza.  

Over the last nearly eight months, innocent people in Gaza have endured unimaginable horrors, including forced displacement, mass starvation, and deadly attacks on civilian infrastructure like hospitals and refugee camps. Since the horrific Hamas attacks in Israel claimed the lives of around 1,200 people, over 36,000 Palestinians have been killed in Gaza, the majority of whom have been women and children. For those who manage to survive the military onslaught, they face the deadly consequences of malnutrition, dehydration, and disease – all while navigating forced displacement, again and again.  

As Gaza’s humanitarian crisis reaches a catastrophic fever pitch, humanitarian access into the region remains paralyzed due to the closure of land crossings like Rafah and Kerem Shalom. Even when aid does trickle in, it has been far from sufficient to address the incredible needs.  

This is not a political statement, but rather an appeal to humanity. Humanitarian organizations operating in Gaza, like ours, have lost beloved colleagues and have seen our facilities and supplies damaged or destroyed, despite following all deconfliction protocols. We cannot continue to operate our lifesaving programs without access to essential supplies like medical equipment, tents, fuel, food, water, and cash due to strict and constantly evolving restrictions on aid entering Gaza.  

We urgently ask that both parties agree to an enduring ceasefire, the release of all hostages, and unhindered access for humanitarian aid. With tens of thousands of lives already lost and so many more at stake, there is no other humane choice.  


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