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Project HOPE Partners with Latter-day Saint Charities to Mobilize Oxygen and COVID-19 Relief for India

In response to India’s COVID-19 crisis, Project HOPE, a global health and humanitarian organization, has partnered with Latter-day Saint Charities to mobilize lifesaving oxygen and medical supplies. This support comes at a time where immediate and sustained support are paramount to assisting the people of India through a catastrophic public health crisis while striving toward recovery.

Bethesda, MD (June 10, 2021) – In response to India’s COVID-19 crisis, Project HOPE, a global health and humanitarian organization, has partnered with Latter-day Saint Charities to mobilize lifesaving oxygen and medical supplies. This support comes at a time where immediate and sustained support are paramount to assisting the people of India through a catastrophic public health crisis while striving toward recovery. 

“Some public health emergencies unfold on unthinkable scale, but partnerships make it possible to save lives and prevent harm,” said Chris Skopec, executive vice president, global health at Project HOPE. “While we recognize the enormity of the crisis the people of India are facing, we find hope through taking action. Latter-day Saint Charities have made it possible for Project HOPE to be part of most urgently needed relief efforts throughout this world-changing pandemic, and saving lives in India is a goal that’s brought our global community together.” 

“We’re praying for the people of India at this time and saddened to see their immense suffering. Our goal is to help provide relief from the devastating effects of this pandemic,” said Shawn Johnson, vice president and director of operations, Latter-day Saint Charities. “Our important partnership with Project HOPE will deliver vital oxygen and medical supplies needed to help provide lifesaving support at this critical time,” he continued. 

Project HOPE and Latter-day Saint Charities have been partnering to address urgent global COVID-19 needs since the very onset of the pandemic in January 2020. Through Latter-day Saint Charities’ support, Project HOPE has delivered over 3.6 million pieces of personal protective equipment, medical supplies, pharmaceuticals and COVID-19 test kits to vulnerable health systems around the world. Now, Latter-day Saint Charities’ support for our COVID-19 response in India is enabling the rapid procurement of vitally needed oxygen and medical supplies. Priority items include oxygen concentrators, ventilators, handwashing stations, disinfection chambers, and personal protective equipment.  

Project HOPE and our local partners are coordinating closely with government officials to distribute these supplies to hospitals and clinics in the most heavily impacted states in India, providing lifesaving support amidst this devastating surge of COVID-19.  

About Project HOPE 
With the mission to place power in the hands of local health workers to save lives around the world, Project HOPE is a global health and humanitarian organization operating in more than 25 countries. Founded in 1958, we work side-by-side with local health systems to improve health and support community resilience. We work at the epicenter of today’s greatest health challenges, including infectious and chronic diseases; disasters and health crises; maternal, neonatal and child health; pandemic preparedness and response; mental health for health workers; and the policies that impact how health care is delivered. For more information, visit www.ProjectHOPE.org and follow us on Twitter @ProjectHOPEorg

About Latter-day Saint Charities
Latter-day Saint Charities is the humanitarian arm of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Its purpose is to relieve suffering, foster self-reliance and provide opportunities for service. Latter-day Saint Charities sponsors relief and development projects in 195 countries and gives assistance without regard to race, religious affiliation, or nationality.

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